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Linux Product Insider: "FIRST LEGO League", the book

This "Linux Product Insider" features the book FIRST LEGO League, iStor Networks' integraSuite/MC Management Center, WaveMaker's Visual Ajax Studio 4.0, Perforce 2008.1 SCM System and FST's FancyPants SDK.

Here's what's new and noteworthy this week in Linux and open source: more>>

Copyright Conundrums Converge on Gordon Brown

It's not every day that a guy from Mississippi can claim that the government of the United Kingdom is breaching his copyright, but for Anthony Baggett, the past week has been full of them. Apparently, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has a shiny new website, and by appearances, that shine has Mr. Baggett's signature all over it. more>>

GPL Guardians Publish Guide to Not Getting Sued

The Software Freedom Law Center — champions of all things Open Source — has become a legend within the Open Source community over the past year through the nearly a dozen lawsuits filed on behalf of the developers of BusyBox against a laundry list of companies that re more>>

Mozilla Names Shuttleworth Fellow Executive Director

The Mozilla Foundation — the organization responsible for the record-setting Firefox web browser — has named itself a new Executive Director, namely one Mark Surman. more>> Impress: Using Master Slides

The Master view in Impress is the equivalent of page styles in Writer. It's the view where you can set elements of design that appear throughout your presentation, such as the slide background and foreground colors, any reoccurring elements, and the fonts. By creating the master slides you need before you add content, you can automate your work and free yourself to focus on content. more>>

"Cradle of Liberty" Gets Its Cradle Handed To It

Boston, Massachusetts has a rich history of fighting for freedom from government oppression. It was Boston Harbor that colonists dumped tea into to protest oppressive taxation. It was on King Street that Crispus Attucks became the first casualty of the American Revolution — and Boston where John Adams put his duty to the law before his political leanings to ensure the British soldiers responsible would be represented by counsel. And it was from Boston that Paul Revere began his midnight ride, warning that the British were headed towards Lexington — not twenty miles away — where the "shot heard 'round the world" would ring out. Perhaps that's why it is so particularly appalling to see it trample on the rights of its citizens — and so blissfully sweet to see their fragile attempt at totalitarianism itself be trampled in turn. more>>

How do we attract the next generation?

What are we doing to expose new users to Linux and Open Source solutions? My wife, after coming back from a visit to our local electronics store asked me why there were no “boxes” of Linux on the shelves, or PCs supporting the OS on display? more>>

It sucks because it's good

Back in the mid-90s, when Linux was still at 1.something, website design was a simple exercise that left matters such as font choice up to the user. It was blessedly free of the Tyranny of Typography, the Legacies of Layout, and other controlling influences from the Provinces of Print. Better yet, it was free by design from withering rebuke by aesthetes whose high-minded "taste" made life miserable for both writers and readers. Back then more>>

Press Release: Hotter than Wesley Crusher

HOUSTON, TX – August 25, 2008 – Belltown Media, Inc., publisher of the award-winning monthly magazine Linux Journal, is pleased to announce that Associate Editor Shawn Powers is hotter than Wesley Crusher. The survey, featured on, currently features Mr. more>>

Rebooting the Magic Way

If you have ever had a hard drive fail on a remote server you may remember the feeling you had after trying to issue the following commands: more>>

Product Spotlight: Virtualization for High-End Computing

ScaleMP's vSMP Foundation aggregation platform enables the creation of high-end x86-based symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) systems, providing superior performance at prices significantly lower than traditional SMPs and comparable to managed x86 clusters. more>>

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Remote Application Deployment with NX

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The X Window System is a magnificent platform for many uses, but using it to run an application over a slow network is nearly impossible. This is an introduction to NX, a technology that makes remote applications fly even over commodity internet. more>>

Google Drops $300,000 on Open Source

Google — the powerhouse synonymous with search — has just upped its Open Source support to the tune of more than a quarter of a million dollars, with a $300,000 donation to Oregon State University's Open Source Lab. more>>

It's Sir Penguin, and Where's My Fish?

Every once in a while here at Breaking News, we like to indulge in a tangent to bring you interesting news that isn't exactly about Linux and Open Source. In that spirit, we bring you a rather unusual story out of Edinburgh, Scotland, where last Friday a penguin — sadly, not named Tux — was formally knighted. more>>

Use Nagios to Check Your Zypper

If you use Nagios to monitor your system and run openSUSE on a remote server the bash script presented here will check for online updates and is designed to be run by Nagios so that the result will appear on the Nagios service-detail page. more>>

What do you use to run Windows applications on your Linux desktop?

Cedega 1% (19 votes) Crossover 4% (62 votes) VirtualBox 19% (311 votes) VMWare 16% (262 votes) Wine 39% (641 votes) Other (please tell us in the comments what you're using) 2% (35 votes) I don't need or want to run Windows apps on my Linux desktop 20% (333 votes) Total votes: 1663

Google Finally Coughs Up the Kit

After issuing a two-line reply in response to a petition signed by more than two hundred Android developers, Google has finally gotten around to releasing the Software Development Kits it hid from programmers for months. more>>

NGINX instead of Apache?

My friend Mario in Costa Rica sent me a short email about NGINX (pronounced engine-X). It is a web server and a bit more written by Igor Sysoev in Russia. Clearly, it isn't for everyone but if you have a very busy site that needs load balancing and some other performance stuff, it looks pretty interesting. more>>

Transparency is just as important

One of the advantages, touted by the Open Source community is that you can read the source code and make changes to it if you need to. Now to be honest, how many of us even bother to look at the source code? Come on, fess up. Yes, that is about what I thought. more>>

Raleigh, We Have a Problem

Something is going on at Fedora Project central, but what exactly it is, we don't quite know. more>>