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Have KDE Ask for your SSH Passphrase on Login

Set up KDE to ask for your SSH passphrase on login.

Recovering from a Hard Drive Failure

Have you ever woke up in the morning and said to yourself, “today is the day that I'm finally going to backup my workstation!” only to find out that you're a day late and about 320Gb short? Well, that's about what happened to me recently, but don't worry, the story has a happy ending. I'm getting ahead of myself though. more>>

Did Linus Jump Too Soon?

One of the many great things about Linus is that he doesn't bottle it up: he speaks his mind on things that matter to him, without worrying overly about what others might say as a result. And when he mentioned in the course of an interview that he had switched from KDE to GNOME, others soon had plenty to say on the subject. But I don't want to revisit those arguments about which is better today: instead, I want to explore the possibility that Linus decided to jump to GNOME at precisely the time when KDE could soon leapfrog it in important ways. more>>

eyeOS: Clouds for the Crowd

Cloud computing from the likes of Google and Amazon has become quite the rage in the last few years. Nick Carr's The Big Switch and other works have pointed toward a future of “utility” computing where we'll all use hosted apps and storage, thanks to the “scale” provided by big back-end companies and their giant hardware and software farms. But, there also has been pushback. more>>

Nearly Free Speech

A friend of mine suggested I try hosting with for my website -- because instead of a set monthly rate, they charge you based on usage. Low traffic sites (like mine) would cost very little to maintain. About that time, I was starting a private website, so I gave it a go. As it turns out, I'm quite happy. more>>

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Autostarting Programs in KDE 4

Shawn Powers shows you how to automatically start programs in KDE 4.

How Can Companies That Rely on Technology Consistently Not Pay for It?

I was going ask you for your take on what will be this year’s marketing trend to boost sales. We have seen things like green computing and virtualization and the ever popular security (pick your favorite subtopic – USB data slurping, laptop encryption, firewalls etc), or whether Linux is for smart people but I was talking with a couple of friends, both technical and end user and ended up shaking my head. more>>

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Use CURL to Login to Websites with a Script

How to submit html forms from the command line using CURL.

Add Your City To Linux's List of Time Zones

Ever feel like you're Rodney Dangerfield? You live someplace and Linux shows you no respect, time-zone-wise that is. What I mean is that you live somewhere that's not one of the time-zones that comes predefined with Linux. If that sounds like you, then read on and get Linux to show you a little respect. more>>

Mozilla Looking to Tag Along

Figuring out how your customers use your products — and by extension, how to improve user experience — can be a tricky process to navigate. Focus groups have their flaws, surveys suffer from selective memory, and peeping over shoulders could plant one in the penitentiary. The browser-makers at Mozilla, though, are hoping to put an Open Source spin on the process, expecting to release within the next few weeks a plugin to gather usage data from volunteers. more>>

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Google Reader's "Next Unread Blog" Feature

Add a bookmark that will take you to your next unread article in your Google reader.

Ask the Experts: I recently reinstalled Windows on my dual boot system and now Linux no longer boots...

Question: I recently had to reinstall Windows on my dual boot system and now Linux no longer boots. Rather than booting to the grub boot manager it now boots directly into Windows. How do I recover my ability to dual boot?" --Tara Ryan, Mountain View, CA more>>


"What's in a name?" asks Shakespeare's Juliet, and by all accounts, it expresses a sentiment that has been on the minds of the Australasian Linux community assembled in Hobart, Tasmania this week for In a Romeoesque move, conference organizers have vowed the annual event will deny its TLD and surmount its name, announcing that the 2010 conference will trade koalas for kiwis as it convenes in Wellington, New Zealand. more>>

Setup Postfix to Login to Your Email Account and Deliver Mail

Unless you're a sysadmin you don't generally have to worry that much about getting email delivered, you just hookup your GUI email client to your external email account and you're done. But what if your system tries to deliver mail, for example from cron? Normally, this just goes to root or perhaps some designated user on your syst more>>

Could You Be the Face of Linux?

We've all seen them: on comes a commercial with a young, casually dressed,if somewhat unkempt, young man, and an older, portly man in a very middle-management-esque suit. The younger man announces "I'm a Mac" while the older responds "And I'm a PC," and the two go on to lament some critical design failure facing the PC to which the Mac is impervious. As Linux users, we know the basic premise of the commercial — that "I'm a PC" means "I run Windows" — is a fallacy, and what is really needed is a third cast member declaring "I'm Linux." If such a thought has ever crossed your mind, then fire up your camera, because the time to act is now. more>>

iPhone Linux!

The iPhone is certainly known for its elegance and beauty, but around these parts it's also known for being closed and proprietary. The Open Source community does a little cheer when we hear about jailbreaking the iPhone -- but soon we'll have even more to party about. more>>

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Defaulting to the Dreaded MS Office Format in

Linux Journal's Shawn Powers shows you how to change the default file type in

Thanks to our sponsor: Silicon Mechanics more>>

Fixed width vs. Flex width?

I greatly prefer visiting fixed width web sites. 17% (194 votes) I greatly prefer visiting flex width web sites. 54% (615 votes) I don't care all that much either way. 29% (323 votes) Total votes: 1132