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Mozilla Looking to Tag Along

Figuring out how your customers use your products — and by extension, how to improve user experience — can be a tricky process to navigate. Focus groups have their flaws, surveys suffer from selective memory, and peeping over shoulders could plant one in the penitentiary. The browser-makers at Mozilla, though, are hoping to put an Open Source spin on the process, expecting to release within the next few weeks a plugin to gather usage data from volunteers. more>>

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Google Reader's "Next Unread Blog" Feature

Add a bookmark that will take you to your next unread article in your Google reader.

Ask the Experts: I recently reinstalled Windows on my dual boot system and now Linux no longer boots...

Question: I recently had to reinstall Windows on my dual boot system and now Linux no longer boots. Rather than booting to the grub boot manager it now boots directly into Windows. How do I recover my ability to dual boot?" --Tara Ryan, Mountain View, CA more>>


"What's in a name?" asks Shakespeare's Juliet, and by all accounts, it expresses a sentiment that has been on the minds of the Australasian Linux community assembled in Hobart, Tasmania this week for In a Romeoesque move, conference organizers have vowed the annual event will deny its TLD and surmount its name, announcing that the 2010 conference will trade koalas for kiwis as it convenes in Wellington, New Zealand. more>>

Setup Postfix to Login to Your Email Account and Deliver Mail

Unless you're a sysadmin you don't generally have to worry that much about getting email delivered, you just hookup your GUI email client to your external email account and you're done. But what if your system tries to deliver mail, for example from cron? Normally, this just goes to root or perhaps some designated user on your syst more>>

Could You Be the Face of Linux?

We've all seen them: on comes a commercial with a young, casually dressed,if somewhat unkempt, young man, and an older, portly man in a very middle-management-esque suit. The younger man announces "I'm a Mac" while the older responds "And I'm a PC," and the two go on to lament some critical design failure facing the PC to which the Mac is impervious. As Linux users, we know the basic premise of the commercial — that "I'm a PC" means "I run Windows" — is a fallacy, and what is really needed is a third cast member declaring "I'm Linux." If such a thought has ever crossed your mind, then fire up your camera, because the time to act is now. more>>

iPhone Linux!

The iPhone is certainly known for its elegance and beauty, but around these parts it's also known for being closed and proprietary. The Open Source community does a little cheer when we hear about jailbreaking the iPhone -- but soon we'll have even more to party about. more>>

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Defaulting to the Dreaded MS Office Format in

Linux Journal's Shawn Powers shows you how to change the default file type in

Thanks to our sponsor: Silicon Mechanics more>>

Fixed width vs. Flex width?

I greatly prefer visiting fixed width web sites. 17% (194 votes) I greatly prefer visiting flex width web sites. 54% (615 votes) I don't care all that much either way. 29% (323 votes) Total votes: 1132
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How-to Save a Flash Video

Linux Journal's Mitch Frazier demonstrates how to save a local copy of a flash video when you don't have a save option.

Vote Now: 2009 Readers' Choice Awards

The Readers' Choice Awards take the current pulse of the Linux Community year. Vote for the tools you use every day in your work and play. more>>

Linux.Conf.Au - Penguin Dinner

I didn't really anticipate finishing my evening by hearing Linus Torvalds promise to shave off another man's beard.

Traditionally, the Linux.Conf.Au dinner features an auction to support a worthy charity. This year, we listened to a presentation from Hamish McCallum, chief scientist of the Devil Facial Tumor Program, on the plight of the Tasmanian Devil. The population is under threat from a fatal disease that causes cancerous tumours of the face and mouth, and without intervention are projected to become extinct in as little as 25 years. more>>

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Auto-launching Programs on Startup

Shawn Powers shows you how to automatically launch a program at startup.

Newstradamus Reports: Navy Nailed By Virus

A few weeks ago, Breaking News brought readers an unusual story, entitled "The Blue Screen of Megadeath," which we described as "scar[ing] the living daylights out of us." The story revealed that, in an effort to cut costs, all submarines of the UK's Royal Navy — including her four Vanguard-class subs armed with some 4,800 kilotons of nuclear weapons each — had been fitted with a stripped-down version of Windows XP. Now, just weeks later, fresh news out of the Admiralty suggests we were more on target — no pun intended — than even we knew. more>>

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Transfer Your Terminal with Screen

Shawn Powers demonstrates the use of the screen command to resume your command line applications when you switch computers.

Ask the Experts: Making the transition from standalone servers to server clusters

Question: I'm to the point in our organization that load balancing across multiple servers is really becoming necessary. Making the transition from standalone servers to server clusters is a daunting task to say the least. What's the best way to make such a change? Is it possible to start small and increase the "cluster" as we go? more>>

Linux.Conf.Au - Day One

My flight from Wellington to Sydney can be easily chalked up as one of the most painful experiences of my life - alongside military service, breaking a bone, and supporting Windows 98. Things improved markedly when, after approximately three hours standing in line, my colleague and I boarded our flight from Sydney to Hobart. more>>

Nokia Puts the L in License

This time last year, the big news from the-company-formerly-known-as-Trolltech — now Qt Software — was a takeover bid from mobile-phone giant Nokia, which closed successfully in June for an estimated €104 million. Once again January brings Trolltech/Qt news from Nokia, this time announcing that beginning with the upcoming 4.5 release, the Qt framework will be licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. more>>

Linux.Conf.Au - Getting Ready

January is here and it's that time of year for penguin-lovers everywhere to make their annual migration south to Australia to flock together. is one of the world's most popular technical Linux conferences, and for it's 10th anniversary is being held at the University of Tasmania in Hobart. more>>