The Latest Base: Creating basic databases and tables

When databases became available for the personal computer in the mid-1980s, they quickly gained a mystique as the ultimate productivity applications. Despite their widespread use, in some ways they have never lost that mystique -- so much so that many desktop users will stretch the use of spreadsheets to cumbersome lengths rather than consider setting up a database. more>>

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Extract the MP3 Audio Portion of a Video

How to use ffmpeg to separate an mp3 audio track from a video.

Sweden Begins Full Out Battle Against File Sharing

File sharing, file sharing, file sharing. Whether it's college students by BitTorrent, schoolkids copying tracks off their friends during study hall — do they even still have study hall? — or grandmas making Glenn Miller mix tapes, file sharing seems to be everywhere. At least, that's the story the record industry is telling — to anyone who will listen — and the one they'll be telling a Swedish court starting this week, as the four founders of the Tracker di tutti Trackers, The Pirate Bay, go on trial in Stockholm. more>>

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Creating Bootable USB Install Drives with UNetbootin

How to use UNetbootin to automatically create a bootable USB drive with one of many available Linux distributions.

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What's the tweeting protocol?

Getting a fail whale this morning again on Twitter.

SMTP never gave me a whale. Nor has POP3, SSH, XMPP or any of the other protocols in the Internet Suite. more>>

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Multiple Desktop Environments in a Single Linux Install

Start sessions using different desktop managers on a single Linux installation.

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Is it Live? Or is it Chatbot::Eliza?

When we were in college, my wife (then, girlfriend) had the best answering machine greeting message, ever. When people called her, the answering machine would answer, “Hello?” and wait. Invariably, the caller would start talking as though they had actually reached a live person. They'd be talking about last weeks assignments, or a party next week. Then the other shoe would drop. more>>

Government Makes an Appointment for an Open Source Checkup

For anyone interested in politics — and for more than a few interested in technology — the talk of the weekend has been the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009, which cleared Congress late Friday night and is due to be signed into law by President Obama on Tuesday. The bill, which runs to more than 1,000 pages, provides for everything from increased airport security to electric cars for government use, including several billion dollars in appropriations for various technology-related programs. Nestled in with the tax breaks, economic incentives, and direct spending, though, is a brief but exciting provision, setting the stage for Open Source to be the word of the day. more>>

MOTO Development Group Demonstrates First-Ever Android / E Ink Integration

The robustness and versatility of the Android open source operating system combined with extremely energy efficient E Ink could prove to be a marriage made in heaven, as this demonstration from would suggest. more>>

Create an Image Montage and a Corresponding HTML Area Map

As noted elsewhere Linux Journal turned 15 this month. Hopefully, you enjoyed viewing all our old covers. In the pursuit of the best way to display those covers my first prototype was rejected. Take a look at what didn't make the cut and read on to find out how it was created. more>>

The move to Linux, stymied by hardware...the server side...

If you thought installing Linux on a laptop was a fun discussion, have I got a new one for you. This comes straight out of the really, it should not be this hard category…the server side. more>>

Lenny's Looking for Love

Valentines Day. That one day a year when geeks everywhere find themselves whisked away from their terminals for a night filled with flowers, chocolate, and — dare we say it? — romance. This year, however, significant others of the Debian set may find it more difficult to drag their beloved beyond the box, as, barring a lovers quarrel, the Debian community and the long-awaited Debian 5, better known as Lenny, will finally tie the knot. more>>

The Buzztard Project, Part 1

In November 2008 the Buzztard project maintainers announced the public release of version 0.4.0 of their flagship application. This version of Buzztard brings new features and performance enhancements, including expanded support for original Buzz songs and machines and an impressive make-over of its GUI. more>>

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Maximize Your Screen with Littlefox

How to maximize your screen area with Littlefox, a plugin that shrinks the Firefox interface, which is especially useful for wee netbook screens.

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Making Standalone Web Apps with the Firefox Prism Extension

How to make web content into its own standalone application with Prism.

Linux in Viet Nam

I was looking for something on the Nicaragua LUG web site ( and tripped on the following post: Todas la computadoras del estado en Vietnam usaran Linux [EN]

El ministerio Vietnamita de Información y Comunicaciones ha promulgado una norma administrativa que incrementa el uso de software libre en las agencias del estado, incrementando el uso del more>>

Open Source Goes to Washington

The President of the United States is a busy man, and more than a few minutes of his day are spent reviewing information that arrived via the U. S. Mail — in fact, the only "person" we imagine gets more mail than the president is Santa Claus. While it perhaps did not make its way down Pennsylvania Avenue nestled with the electric bill and this month's TV Guide, an interesting piece of correspondence did appear early this morning, addressed to none other than the 44th President of the United States. The subject? Making Open Source an integral part of the country's economic recovery. more>>

Happy 15th Birthday Linux Journal!

[Shawn Powers was barely out of high school when the first issue of Linux Journal went to press 15 years ago, but we figured it would be fun to send him back in time and write a column for the first issue. Besides, how else could we claim a tax write-off on a time machine?] more>>

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Installing OpenOffice 3 in *buntu

How to edit your software sources and install OpenOffice 3 in Ubuntu or Kubuntu.

If You Want to Change the World, You've Got to Buy Big

One of the distinctive — and perhaps, most successful — aspects of the One Laptop Per Child Program is the level to which individuals have been able to effect change on a global scale. The project's Open Source offerings are, of course, a prime example of this, but so too are the financial offerings that have put the program's product in the hands of some half-million users. The era of individual-based change is coming to an end, however, as an email leaked last week has revealed the end of the program's small-scale giving, known — ironically enough — as "Change the World." more>>