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Playing Restricted Media When Using Ubuntu

How to install the extra packages necessary to play web video and other restricted media formats.

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Web Content Filtering with OpenDNS

Once in a while, you come across a gem that you just want to share with others. I recently stumbled upon OpenDNS, and I've had such a good experience with it, I thought I'd write a bit about it. For the record, I have no affiliation with OpenDNS, except that I'm a happy user of this free service. more>>

LF Looks to Train Techs to Meet Linux Demand

Following up on Friday's look at the Linux Foundation's plans for the 2009 Collaboration Summit, Breaking News has now learned that one of the events taking place during the third-annual summit will be the kick start of a new Linux Foundation program aimed at training developers to meet the continuing need for Linux-capable talent. more>>

Get ready for "fourth party" services

The time has come to re-define "parties" in business.

In software, "third parties" have always been accessories to supply more than to demand, because their job in most cases was to add value to a vendor's platform. But growth in customer power will invite a new kind of software and service into the marketplace: a kind that adds value to the customer's platform and weight to the customer's side of the market's equation. What do we call that new kind of software, and the kinds of companies that put it to use? more>>

Linux Foundation Unveils Plans for Upcoming Summit

The Linux Foundation — the not-for-profit that keeps Linus in keyboards, and most recently, has been looking to glam things up a bit — earlier this month provided a first glimpse into its plans for the 2009 Collaboration Summit, to be held April 8-10 in San Francisco. more>>

Running vncserver on Fedora Core 10 with gdm

Fedora Core 10 introduces several new features, and as with all new releases, several new frustrations. In this how-to, I cover the steps needed to get vncserver up and running, so you can connect to your GNOME-based desktop. more>>

How to Hijack an EU Open Source Strategy Paper

Open source is an outsider, not part of the establishment. One price it pays for this is not being privy to all the decisions that are made in the field of governmental policy. Too often, established players are involved without any counterbalancing input from the free software side. Generally, we don't see all the machinations and deals that go on here behind closed doors. But thanks to the increasingly-indispensable Wikileaks, we have the opportunity to observe how an organisation close to Microsoft is attempting to re-write – and hijack – an important European Union open source strategy paper. more>>

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Commandline 101: Basic Directory Commands

Basic directory commands,and what to do when you are not sure which command to use.

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LinuxDNA Supercharges Linux with the Intel C/C++ Compiler

Exciting news from the LinuxDNA project, which earlier this month successfully compiled a recent Linux kernel with the Intel C/C++ compiler (ICC). more>>

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Install Software from the Command Line in openSUSE

How to install packages and their dependencies from the command line using zypper.

The Buzztard Project, Part 2: an Interview with Stefan Kost

This interview with lead developer Stefan Kost continues my report on the development of Buzztard. As the interview reveals, Stefan's work on Buzztard represents only one level of his deep involvement in Linux software development. more>>

Chipmaker Dumps Employees, Bumps Exec$

It seems as though layoffs and cutbacks are omnipresent these days, as more and more companies make the difficult decision to scale down in order to better compete in the recessed economy. Such decisions are not easy or popular, but are nonetheless necessary — one is left to accept with great sadness that such things should come to pass. That is until the rustling of countless cardboard boxes is muffled by the unmistakable sound of slot machines paying out the jackpot. more>>

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Enabling Web Video Playback in Fedora 10

How to install the necessary packages that will allow web video playback in multiple formats.

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The Wiki Document Movement

Ask anyone and they will tell you that I am a Luddite, plain and simple. I prefer pen and paper to electrons and LCDs every time and I am not a fan of technology for technology’s sake. I am also not a fan of poor documentation. more>>

"Nobody Uses Linux" is Not a Good Enough Answer

I spent some of my weekend with the ladies of the Mom 2.0 Summit, a new conference targeted at women who do business online. more>>

Smarter Than Phones

The phone business is changing at a rate so fast, and on such a curved path, that Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle comes to mind. Where it is and where it's going may be conjugate variables, but trying to reconcile the two is kind of futile. more>>

ASUS to Eee Android?

Taiwanese computer maker ASUS — which ostensibly launched the netbook craze in 2007 with its EeePC — appears to be looking to hop on another craze with the low-cost lightweight laptop. According to reports, the company is in high gear developing a new netbook which will run on, of all things, the Android mobile phone platform. more>>

Use netstat to See Internet Connections

Using netstat, you can monitor programs that are making connections to remote hosts:

$ netstat -tpe

The -t flag limits the output to show only TCP connections. The -p flag displays the PID and name of the program making the connection. The -e flag displays extra information, such as the user name under which each program is running.