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Making Standalone Web Apps with the Firefox Prism Extension

How to make web content into its own standalone application with Prism.

Linux in Viet Nam

I was looking for something on the Nicaragua LUG web site ( and tripped on the following post: Todas la computadoras del estado en Vietnam usaran Linux [EN]

El ministerio Vietnamita de Información y Comunicaciones ha promulgado una norma administrativa que incrementa el uso de software libre en las agencias del estado, incrementando el uso del more>>

Open Source Goes to Washington

The President of the United States is a busy man, and more than a few minutes of his day are spent reviewing information that arrived via the U. S. Mail — in fact, the only "person" we imagine gets more mail than the president is Santa Claus. While it perhaps did not make its way down Pennsylvania Avenue nestled with the electric bill and this month's TV Guide, an interesting piece of correspondence did appear early this morning, addressed to none other than the 44th President of the United States. The subject? Making Open Source an integral part of the country's economic recovery. more>>

Happy 15th Birthday Linux Journal!

[Shawn Powers was barely out of high school when the first issue of Linux Journal went to press 15 years ago, but we figured it would be fun to send him back in time and write a column for the first issue. Besides, how else could we claim a tax write-off on a time machine?] more>>

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Installing OpenOffice 3 in *buntu

How to edit your software sources and install OpenOffice 3 in Ubuntu or Kubuntu.

If You Want to Change the World, You've Got to Buy Big

One of the distinctive — and perhaps, most successful — aspects of the One Laptop Per Child Program is the level to which individuals have been able to effect change on a global scale. The project's Open Source offerings are, of course, a prime example of this, but so too are the financial offerings that have put the program's product in the hands of some half-million users. The era of individual-based change is coming to an end, however, as an email leaked last week has revealed the end of the program's small-scale giving, known — ironically enough — as "Change the World." more>>

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Using the Guest Account in Ubuntu

How-to use the guest login feature in Ubuntu 8.10.

Do Top Hackers Have Too Much Money?

The announcement that one of MySQL's founders, Monty Widenius, was leaving Sun, was generally regarded as a pity, though no huge surprise, given the rumours that had been swirling since last year. But its impact was redoubled following the even more astonishing news that MySQL's boss, Marten Mickos, was also moving on; together, they inevitably sent shock-waves through the open source world. Most analysis has centred on the state of Sun, and whether these two high-profile departures mean that the MySQL acquisition was a mistake, or has already failed. But here, I'd like to look at a bigger question that these moves pose: do top hackers (and their managers) have too much money? more>>

More MySQL Execs See the Sun Set

When MySQL co-founder David Axmark said his goodbyes in October, he cited the constraints of corporate life as the reason for making his break. At the same time, a Sun spokesman described the relationship between the computing giant and remaining MySQL co-founder Michael Widenius as "hard to predict." The clouds have cleared from the company's crystal ball, however, as Widenius officially announced his departure yesterday — only to be followed this morning by a similar announcement from former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos. more>>

Python (pyuno) "Hello World" Addon for OpenOffice

In my last few posts about pyuno (SSConverter, OORunner) we used pyuno to convert spreadsheets to CSV files by running OpenOffice from Python using pyuno as the bridge between the two processes. In this post we're going to get inside OpenOffice and use pyuno as the bridge between OpenOffice and an embedded Python interpreter (embedded inside OpenOffice). more>>

Compiz Comes Together

Compiz — the compositing window manager responsible for more than a few dropped-jaws — has a long history of ins and outs, not the least of which includes more forks than at a garden club lunch. It seems, however, that things always come back together, and such was the case on Tuesday, as the Compiz community announced the imminent re-merger of several well known forks. more>>

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Accented Characters with KDE

Input accented and other diacritical characters.

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Remote Controlling a KDE 4 Desktop

How-to set up your KDE desktop for remote access.

The move to Linux, stymied by hardware

With news today of Windows 7 being made available in no less than six different versions, it is getting harder and harder to not move lock, stock, and PGP key to Linux on a full time basis. Except… more>>

Ask the Experts: Accounting Software for Linux

Question: This is my first venture into Linux. I have most of what I need lined up except for some simple banking software. My credit union will send data in CSV and I need something that will update electronically like that. Suggestions? -- Marilee J. Layman more>>

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Using APT on the Command Line

How to use apt-get from the command line.

Keeping up with the Kims

The U.S. government isn't the only one hoping to stimulate its national economy by raising available Internet speeds. JooAng Daily in Korea reports that the Korea Communications Commission has announced an infrastructure investment plan that will increase high-speed iInternet service speeds to 1Gbps, and wireless broadband service speeds to 10Mbps. Both are 10x the current service speeds, which are far higher than those we enjoy (or endure) in the U.S.. more>>

Be Careful What You Slash

Facing malware is a way of life in the digital world, and the pressure on everyone from home users to corporate giants to do all they can to minimize its damaging effects is immense. Just how much pressure there is was made quite clear on Saturday morning, as a routine update to Google's list of malware sites went horribly wrong, labeling every site in the company's database as dangerous and rendering the service unusable. more>>

Wanted: a Mobile Home Cell

Ever wanted to improve AT&T wireless service? Yah, me too. Many times. Well, seems you can — with a "personal 3G mini cellular tower" from Cisco. more>>