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It's *Not* The 15th Birthday of Linux – and Why That Matters

Last week, I wondered whether I'd gone back in time. Everywhere I went online – on news sites, blogs and Twitter – people were celebrating the 15th birthday of Linux, it seemed. “How is this possible?” I asked myself. “Since Linux was started in 1991, that must mean we are in 2006: have I fallen through a wormhole into the past?” more>> Base: Editing Information in a Database

Once you have a database set up, sooner or later you will want to edit its tables or add a new record. You have four ways to do so. more>>

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Taking Snapshots of Windows with Open Menus

How to take screenshots of windows with open menus using the delay feature in ksnapshot.

Use Comcast? Change Your Password

Having strong passwords that are frequently changed is the first line of defense against being on the receiving end of a compromised user account. This is the lesson being learned by a number of Comcast customers this week, as the appearance of a mass login list prompts the company to begin freezing accounts. more>>

Access the X Window System Clipboard from the Command Line with xclip

Ever selected text from your terminal so you could paste it into an X application? Drop the mouse and use xclip instead. Using xclip, you simply can pipe the contents that you want to clip directly into xclip: more>>

EUCALYPTUS: a Tree Growing in the Cloud

From the Linux (and Linux Journal) perspective, there's an issue with clouds—those back-end Web services that compose Utility Computing. They're proprietary. Amazon owns AWS (Amazon Web Services: S3, EC2 and a growing number of others). Google, Microsoft and other companies own theirs as well. more>>


UPDATE #2: The contest is now over. Thanks to everyone for participating. We'll be notifying winners early the week of March 16th. (BTW, the answer was "Kernel Panic")

UPDATE: Now with hot clue action! (See the bottom of this post)

No really, I do. I want everyone to have a subscription to Linux Journal. Well, you can get a year subscription to the digital version absolutely free. FREE. No strings attached. All you have to do is solve a puzzle and fill out a form. And puzzles are fun, so it's like 2 gifts in one. :) more>>

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Contest Friday

This is Tech Tip Video Contest Week (March 9 - 13) at! more>>

Google - Finally - Puts the Cherry on its GrandCentral Sundae

Anyone who was lucky enough to grab a GrandCentral account during one of the short spans when they were available to grab can testify that it is an interesting service, to say the least. As interesting as it may be, though, it has been plagued with technical and customer service issues that had some declaring that Google had left the platform for dead. A reasonable assumption — until this morning, that is. more>>

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Installing Linux with Virtual Box

How to install a virtual machine to try out a Linux distribution.

This is Tech Tip Video Contest Week (March 9 - 13) at! more>>

The Free Beer Economy

Why is FREE! the world's best-selling noun, verb, adjective and adverb, yet so hard to credit as a foundation for business in the Internet Age? And what will happen when business folk finally grok the abundant opportunities that FREE! provides? more>>

Open Source Leads Gendarme to Arrest Spending

Our experience with France's Gendarmerie may be limited to Pepé Le Pew cartoons, but that won't stop us from applauding their efforts at locking up proprietary software. That might just be because the fabled maréchaussée is trimming its IT spending by 70% this year — without losing so much as a byte — thanks to the wonders of Open Source software. more>>

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Watch the National Debt from the Command Line

This is Tech Tip Video Contest Week (March 9 - 13) at! more>>

Ask the Experts: I want to build a new i7 X58-based system...

Question: I have an Intel 875P motherboard with 2 SATA drives in RAID 1 from the Intel BIOS. I want to build a new i7 X58-based system, but I don’t want to re-install and reconfigure the operating systems from scratch. more>>

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Commandline 101: Getting a Grip on Grep

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Want a free 1-year digital subscription to Linux Journal? -- CONTEST NOW OVER

Sorry, this contest is now over

Want a free 1-year digital subscription to Linux Journal? Here's how -- it's easy: more>>

Make Shirts, Not War?

We've all experienced it at one time or another: the dreaded platform war. Whether it's fighting with Windows users, Mac devotees, or just those who favor another distro, every one of us has been put in the position of defending the honor of our chosen OS — and we might, just might, have launched a few battles ourselves. One software company, however, wants to bring that to an end, and is launching — of all things — a line of t-shirts aimed at encouraging computer lovers to beat their swords into digital plowshares. more>>

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Upgrading Ubuntu to the Cutting Edge

How to the install latest version of Ubuntu (including alpha or beta).

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