Linux Journal Contents #60, April 1999

Linux Journal Issue #60/April 1999






  • Take Command   grep: Searching for Words  by Jan Rooijackers
    grep: Searching for Words A command to help you find a specific word or a sentence in a file.
  • Kernel Korner   Linux 2.2 and the Frame-Buffer Console  by Joseph Pranevich
    Linux 2.2 and the Frame-Buffer Console Wondering about the new frame-buffer features in the kernel? Mr. Pranevich gives us the scoop.
  • At the Forge   Writing Modules for mod_perl  by Reuven M. Lerner
  • The Cutting Edge   Security Research Laboratory and Education Center  by Joseph Pranevich
    Security Research Laboratory and Education Center The world-class research center at Purdue University is getting serious about cutting edge development of security related projects.
  • Linux Apprentice   Windows/Linux Dual Boot  by Vince Veselosky
    Windows/Linux Dual Boot Don't want to give up Windows while you learn Linux? Here's how to use both on the same machine
  • Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
  • Take Command   Good Ol' sed  by Hans de Vreught
    Good Ol' sed A nice little command to help you modify files.


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