Linux Journal Contents #48, April 1998

Linux Journal Issue #48/April 1998


  • Using Linux in a Control and Robotics Lab  by Jon Davis
    How a lab at Queen's University is using Linux to develop programs and control hardware experiments.
  • Biomedical Research and Linux  by Roger S. Flugel
    Linux is readily establishing itself in the biomedical field as a powerful and reliable system for research computing.
  • Latvian Government Uses Linux  by Dmitrie Komarov
    Mr. Komarov tells us how he used Linux to give an old database new capabilities and thereby saved his government money.
  • Satellite Remote Sensing of the Oceans  by Simon J. Keogh, Emmanouil Oikonomou, Daniel Ballestero and Ian Robinson
    Presented here is an overview of the kind of remote sensing that is done at Southampton University and how Linux has helped improve our productivity.
  • Small Business Marketing of Linux  by Cliff Seruntine
    Linux is a good business product. This article deals with the why, how and who of selling Linux.

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  • At the Forge   Using What We've Learned  by Reuven M. Lerner
    This month Mr. Lerner shows us how to set up a web site using many of the techniques he's taught us over the past months.



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