Linux Journal Contents #47, March 1998

Linux Journal Issue #47/March 1998


  • Programming with XView  by Michael Hall
    This article gives you a high-level introduction to programming with XView, a GUI toolkit that complements the OpenLook interface.
  • CDE Infrastructure  by George Kraft IV
    The programming infrastructure, no its productivity tools, is a major strength of the Common Desktop Environment. This article discusses the APIs and desktop services that are benefitting developers and independent software vendors.
  • AfterStep 1.3.1  by Guylhem Aznar
    Mr. Aznar tells us all about the developers' plans for a friendly window manager called AfterStep.
  • Introducing TkDesk  by John Blair
    Don't want to give up your Macintosh or Window desktop for Linux—with TkDesk you don't have to.
  • An Introduction to the GIMP Tool Kit  by Otto Hammersmith
    The purpose of this article is to give a short overview of what gtk+ is, what it can do and where to gather more information.

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very good

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