Linux Journal Contents #198, October 2010

Linux Journal Issue #198/October 2010

Linux has a secret weapon! Know what it is? It's the command line. If you're not using it you're not getting the most out of your Linux system. For an quick look at a bunch of useful command line tools see our Command Line Application Roundup. Also see our article on article on Directory Bookmarks for Bash. And our blast from the past: SC: The Venerable Spreadsheet Calculator, a command line spreadsheet program. And another little know fact: in addtion to having a nice GUI, you can use VirtualBox is a command line Virutalization program. Also in this issue: rdiff-backup and rdiffWeb, Mutt configuration, Cassandra, Google TV, MeeGo, the Ben NanoNote, and a super cool cover.





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Cmn, it is not a secret weapon! :)