Linux Journal Contents #192, April 2010

Linux Journal Issue #192/April 2010

This month's issue focus is Software Development. We've got articles on developing Flash applcations using Flex Builder, on web application testing with Selenium, on an embeddable web server named Mongoose, and on an embeddable JavaScript databased called jsormdb. In addition we've got our usual spate of articles on all things Linux and Open Source: OpenVPN, non-SQL databases, bash, Clojure, and a review of the Motorola DROID.




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Android DB

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It seems they use sqlite, which is a flat file db. If they were to switch to an embedded version of MySQL, it would be much more functional. You wouldn't have to clear your txt msg logs as often, because it can really slow you down when you're using a flat file db.

I wonder if there is a way to replace the sqlite with an embedded MySQL...

Any ideas?