Linux Journal Contents #158, June 2007

Linux Journal Issue #158/June 2007

This month's issue concentrates on languages, even to the point of metaprogramming concepts where you write programs that write programs! PHP programmers will appreciate some help on how best to validate email addresses. Sun's Simon Phipps explains the move to GPL Java, and defends Sun's motives for protecting Java from corruption as long as was necessary. We'll teach you how to access databases asynchronously from Qt 4.x, which is a big improvement over default Qt 4.x database handling.

As always, there's much more. We'll take a look at the compact but powerful lua, a language so flexible even Blizzard uses it to allow players to extend World of Warcraft. And Christof Wittig is back with Ted Neward to explain the impedence mismatch between object-oriented languages and relational databases.




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