Linux Journal Contents #139, November 2005

Linux Journal Issue #139/November 2005


  • Controlling a Pinball Machine Using Linux  by John R. Bork
    The mechanical parts are bulletproof, but the 1980s electronics are beyond repair. Embedded Linux to the rescue.
  • Radio's Next Generation: Radii  by Dan Rasmussen, Paul D. Norton and Jon Morgan
    Hours of commercial-free programs, your favorite music and you might even catch Doc Searls. Bring Internet radio to your regular listening spot.
  • The Ultimate Linux Lunchbox  by Ron Minnich
    It fits under an airplane seat and uses a laptop power supply. No, not a laptop—a 16-node Beowulf cluster in a box.



  • Simple Linux IP Repeaters to Extend HomePlug Range  by Francisco J. González-Castaño, Pedro S. Rodríguez-Hernández, Felipe J. Gil-Castiñeira, Miguel Rodelgo-Lacruz and José Valero-Alonso
    Increase the range and functionality of your power-line network with an embedded Linux device that helps connect distant nodes.






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