Unhappy reader - impossible to receive a confirmation of cancellation or a refund

Our organisation decided to cancel our subscription to LJ among other publication as a cost-cutting measure. We sent in a cancellation request in January thinking it was a clear-cut case, we had paid for a year's subscription in advance and were expecting at least a partial refund. But to date we have not received a confirmation that our cancellation has been received nor a refund been received.

So, went from a happy reader sorry to let go of a great magazine to a disgruntled customer feeling hard-done by.

I have been reading your

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I have been reading your publication for about 2.5 years. I do not like e-books and prefer to hold the actual text in my hand. Taking this experience away is essentially giving readers like me the finger. If you go forward with what you propose, I will not read your publication anymore. There are a lot of other places where I can get out of date news about GNU/Linux like there are a lot of lending websites like this one.