take a poll?

I recommend the editor sets up a poll on the website, and see how bad this obvious resentment towards a digital subscription really is. I guess I'll read it if I find it, but I'd rather have a refund. I'd be concerned if I was an advertiser;

I think that editor don't have alternative :-(

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Unfortunately, even if the poll would be 100% in favor of hard copy things would not change much, the problem is rooted elsewhere, and in time, what they did and how they did it reveals one!

I, when I heard the news, I just launched a survey, and responses to date have been absolutely clear ... http://linkd.in/r1IOeB

The decision to go digital, however, will have negative consequences, and certainly they are conscious, but they have other ways! In fact they added the serious mistake of not making the switch-off so soft. :-(