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All digital is fine with me...

Bill Zimmerly's picture

I have no problem with going all-digital. To me, the content is important, not the medium.

Keep up the GREAT job that you've done in maintaining QUALITY.


Caleb's picture

Very disappointed. The only reason I subscribed is because so I can take a print version with me somewhere to read and not have to read off my computer (don't have and don't want a tablet). I just added another year to my subscription. Too bad. I won't be resubscribing. I can get all the same information for free from the internet anyways, so no need for paying for the digital edition.


Patrick Allen's picture

I understand the reasoning behind this and it's probably a good move strategically. However, I chose print because I preferred print. I don't remember your pricing exactly, but your competitors digital only subscriptions we cheaper than that of the print, and I assume yours were also.

The fact that the digital only subscription was (or should have been) cheaper, as well as the fact that we are going to be receiving the magazine in a format we specifically chose not to receive it in when we had the choice, makes me think that there should be some sort of compensation for current print subscribers - say, an extra six months tacked on to their existing subscription as a showing of good will.

Patrick Allen

too bad

Anonymous's picture

I like the magazine a lot but I don't use any e-readers nor a smartphone and I dislike very much reading periodicals on a PC screen.

Since I've already received the last issue on paper, I'll be cancelling my subscription very soon.

I hope you make it easy to get

Concerned Geek's picture

Plans for Kindle or something easy to get on tablets?


Anonymous's picture

Going all digital.... I'm out. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll be cancelling....