The reality is not everyone reads or wants pure digital content

Frankly I'm disappointed at your decision to drop the paper copy. I've been a subscriber since you started publishing and like paper media. I appreciate choice, which is why I use Linux and subscribe to your magazine - what you are doing is taking away the very choice you have so long been a proponent of.

It may surprise you to know that not everyone has an iPad/tablet/iphone/kindle/nook or smartphone for reading digital media. I travel a lot a using these devices is often not practical.

Shame on you for submitting to the Apple generation!


On the other hand...

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if the only way that Linux Journal can continue as a publication is by publishing in "electronic" form, then I'd rather see an "electronic" LJ than no LJ. At least those readers who enjoy reading their magazines exclusively on electronic devices will have the benefit of the continueing Linux Journal.

I won't be one of those readers, though. I prefer (and paid for) a print magazine.

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