My experiences so far...

Let me start by saying that I'm not intending for this to be another "I hate digital" thread.

I'll admit that I'm not thrilled about the change (my reasons have already been stated by others), nor the lack of notice (also stated by others).

But I've been a subscriber for a long time, and I've gotten a lot out of my subscription. So, as much as I don't like the move to digital-only, I figure I'll give it a chance.

That being said, I already have feedback regarding the digital edition.

First- I've used Texterity in the past for other magazines, and I don't like it. So it's PDF for me (or maybe the android app if that turns out OK, but I haven't used it yet).

Second- it appears that the September issue is already out, but I never received the notification email. The email address listed in my subscription info is correct, and I see nothing in my spam logs.

Third- The login for the subscription services (including digital download) is annoying. I really don't want to memorize my (otherwise useless) subscriber ID. Can this login be changed to a username, or email address, or something more memorable?

Fourth- The "Update Subscription Information" form defaults to "enhanced digital edition" every time I go back to it, no matter how many times I choose PDF (and yes, I'm clicking "Update my Account").

So yeah. Still not thrilled. But I'll give it a few months and see how it goes.

How do you get your

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How do you get your subscription ID if you don't have a magazine to look at the label.

Your LJ# is in the recent email "Linux Journal Goes 100% ..."

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If you received the recent email (Subject: Linux Journal Goes 100% Digital), you should find your LJ Subscriber ID number in the 3rd to last paragraph (counting the P.S.) Search the email for "Subscription ID" and you should find it. That's where I found mine.

Also, the links in the email for points to different linked page. The URL is special to your account so don't share it. But the secure page you're redirected to also has your Subscription ID/Account Number.

Cheers, Mark S.

No Paper Magazine = No LJ account number *Soon*

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Asking for the Linux Journal account number (which is ONLY available from a mailing label of a copy of the print magazine) to access some (or is it ALL?) features of the Digital edition subscriber services will soon be completely unworkable. It took me a great deal of time to find an old issue that still had the mailing label on it, and this is barely a month after the discontinuation of the print edition. Perhaps the email notices regarding the digital edition could have this information clearly displayed (which is NOT the case, so far).

Gerald Bartel