Linux requires a Fully Supported Laptop

So Windows 8 is coming out. I am finally ready to make the leap from Windows to Linux as a full time workstation.

Unfortunately I am busy, I don't have time to start futzing about with unsupported OEM hardware, or the research it is going to take to find a laptop that is going to be able to support my needs.

Apparently Lenovo has good compatibility, but working from home I need telecommunications to work flawlessly. I don't want to be the guy in the meeting dicking around with web cam drivers and such.

I would so love to have a trusted resource (ahem) that would review Distro's on Laptops to say that Yes this Laptop has Awesome support, but perhaps the sound drivers will have better support soon.

Otherwise I might need to rely on an OEM machine with guaranteed support.

Sound reasonable? Or am I doomed to my home workstation(laptop) using Linux as a second boot option, or VM.



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