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Vote on this here. Maybe if the LJ staff sees a graph of their reader's opinions they will realize how wrong the are.{%22section%22:%22vote%22,%22poll_id%22:146343}&trk=twitter-polls-create-vote

My poll !?

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It is not so simple,
I'm sure it was a difficult choice and that the staff has seen a loss of some subscribers! I say that there are many ways to make a difficult digger possibly linked to the survival of head and someone was wrong.

now I'm angry, I do not want to go to the bathroom with the iPAD :-) ... it's a privacy issue!!

Still free to cast their vote , rather, who is registered with FB can launch something there, too, if you can also open to non-registered ...

@ Doc Searls & CO: Launch a public poll on your site, can not change very much, in the sense that those opposed are unlikely to make you change your mind or change the choice.

@For everyone, pros and cons of the choice of the publisher; advertised this survey or update this thread with other surveys launched elsewhere ....

enjoy @ digital era!


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