I want LJ in EPUB format

I really, really want to read LJ in EPUB format. It's the increasingly popular standard for digital publications.

A few months ago, I changed my subscription to the digital format because I want to read everything on my Sony Reader PRS650.

But my Reader (like most portable devices) renders PDFs horribly. Even on a PC PDFs are cumbersome.

I know magazine publishers hesitate to use EPUB because they fear they'll lose control of their big glossy pictures. But I don't care about that. I want the convenience. I haven't even been getting around to reading my PDF editions as much as I read the paper editions.

If other like-minded subscribers and would-be-subscribers would add a me too reply, that might help move things in the right direction.

I second the suggestion for Epub

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Epub is an open, ubiquitous fornat for digital documents. It's much superior to PDF files, which suck to read on most devices, especially mobile ones. If I can make my own EPUBs, then LJ should be capable of same.

I'll attempt to see how sucky it is to convert the PDFs to EPUBs, but I expect it will not be pretty.

Go to Project Gutenberg and look at how many different formats they support for their online books. Yeah the "enhanced" digital format is cool and all that, but it's not really portable, now is it? I'm surprised LJ would stumble so badly on this. It's bad enough to just suddenly drop the paper version, but now can you not support an open ebook format?

epub good, pdf bad

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pdf is convenient for publishers, painful for readership; epub is the reverse.

question for publishers: do you want to stay in business?