How to convert mp4 files?

Do you have mp4 files and want to convert this files to other format? I use MP4 Converter and I recommend it to you. This is the fastest software I've ever used. I need just click "Convert" button and MP4-Converter can convert MP4 files just for seconds. I even don't need to show you how to use MP4-Converter because it is so easy understand that all non techs will be surprised. You can convert MP4 files for iPod, iPad, iPhone, Zune, PSP or other devices. There are also some great additional features of MP4-Converter but I don't want to say about them because it will sound like advertizing:)


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I believe VLC fully supports mp4. I have been able to use it to convert lots of stuff.


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Good. There are so many free converter you can used. mp3 to mp4 to any other sound format. It's easy to use and fast. Have a nice day! - Bob, I'm reading now some numerology chart and numerology readings project.

try this

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i have seen your problems,try this transfer ipod tool and maybe you can get some help.