Going digital is fine but the formats are a joke

PDF is a bad imitation of a print magazine. Now the non-existent print magazine. PDF has never been a proper digital format for delivering the magazine. Yes, I have the PDF’s stored but have I ever read a single article form them? No.

"Enhanced Digital Edition”? An even worse insult to a paying customer. It’s like all the similar bad imitations of print magazines being tried on people in the last 10 years. And most people still don’t want such a craptastic on-screen format.

A dedicated app? Yeah right, just what I need. Another app that tries to replicate something that can be achieved without one.

Just give us a proper ePub version already. I for one do not want an imitation of a paper product. I want something done in a format meant for the eReader / iPad it’s going to be read on. In the FAQ you mention more features in the future like interactivity and video. These are things that can be accommodated by a format such as ePub and it can be used by the users in their favorite reader / management apps. It is a format specifically meant for this purpose.

Bottom line. PDF or “EDE” are not options. It’s either ePub* or I’ll walk.

* ePub being an example. There are other formats but I guess it’s the one I’m familiar with using.

Epub is good. Digital and mobile are two different things.

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Glad to hear epub is on it's way. Going Digital and being mobile are two different things. PDF is not a mobile format. LJ seemed to have gotten the two confused.

The epub version will be the only reason I continue to be a subscriber.

I have been a long time Linux

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I have been a long time Linux Journal reader and subscriber. I expect to continue to subscribe, but I would prefer to have it in ePub format.


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For some reason I left these out earlier but a couple of examples of how others do it would be http://hackermonthly.com/ and http://pragprog.com/magazines. I remember Pragprog even had an article or few in the early issues about their actual setup and processes of how they produce the digital versions.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke-

The one thing I don't like is

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The one thing I don't like is I have to "choose" a format. Let me have them all and then if I start liking one over the other I might just stick with it.

The choice for existing

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The choice for existing subscribers is between just getting a pdf emailed to you (forgoing the enhanced version) and getting the enhanced version, which also allows you to download a pdf. In the latter case you do get both.

Katherine Druckman is webmistress at LinuxJournal.com. You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit

From what it looked like to

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From what it looked like to me, to get the PDF version I have to go to the advanced version and then choose download. Ok that's fine especially when I am in front a computer/laptop.

But lets say I am on the road and my phone notifies me of a new email from linux journal. I open the enhanced version on my phone(android) and it's.. ok but takes lots of zooming in and out and it's cumbersome. Now here is the catch, the download link is no longer showing when looking at the site through my phone. It would appears I am hosed for now until I can get to a computer, download the pdf, transfer it to my phone and then I am back in business. But you can see if I had the actual pdf or a link in my email, that would save me some steps and more importantly time.

If the Android app works well I guess this will probably not really matter once it's released but for now I just thought why not make it as easy as possible for us. How much more coding could it take to send two links rather than one.

Ohh and nice to see you again webmistress, I watched your drupal presentation a while back.

Thanks for watching the

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Thanks for watching the Drupal video. :) I hope you found it useful.

I will pass that suggestion about email notifications along. You make an excellent point.

Katherine Druckman is webmistress at LinuxJournal.com. You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit

It’s a good point about

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It’s a good point about choices. Although I think to some extent the either or question is a misunderstanding. I might be wrong but one can have both without extra cost at least as an old subscriber.

I haven’t looked into new subscriptions or extensions.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke-

LJ Staff has already stated

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LJ Staff has already stated in other threads that they have "heard the call" for an ePub format version are working to provide it...

Correct. .epub is on its

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Correct. .epub is on its way.

Katherine Druckman is webmistress at LinuxJournal.com. You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit

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