Friendly Format for Electronic Delivery

I too am not happy with the new decision for electronic distribution, especially since pdf really isn't viewable on typical e-paper ereaders. One of the nice things about a magazine is that you can BRING it with you (as someone mentioned... to that special place in the house). Thus, the money spent on the "Enhanced digital version" was a waste since, I suspect, few read the mag on their computer. The money SHOULD have been spent on how to best format it for readability on Kindles and Nooks, etc.
I hope LJ will have MULTIPLE PDF formats (one in typical magazine format and one in a ereader-friendly format) or even a MOBI format so people that still want to take their magazine with them, CAN.
Not everyone has a android or iPad tab and, instead, want to read with their ereaders (which can last weeks instead of hours without recharging).


Friendly format for Electronic Delivery

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Living in the UK I opted for the digital subscription. I agree it is important to be able to take the issue round with you and felt the need early on to get a tablet - a cheapo Chinese jobbie that has turned out very well. My pdf loads into Aldiko reader easily and the battery capacity, tho not in days, is still sufficient for more than one trip to the special room! It would make sense though to increase the range of formats and to develop ebook features in future editions.
It's a bit sad to see all the negative comments about the change, and surprising gven the IT audience, but I admit you cant beat paper and print - but it's not an ideal world and I'd rather have LJ on pdf than see it disappear.