Expecting a refund

I expect a refund on my undelivered paper magazines. I have zero interest in reading Linux Journal as a PDF on any device (the only devices I have are my phone and my monitor).

I did not subscribe to a digital version and I have no interest in converting my paper subscription to a digital subscription. Please tell me who I need to contact in order to get a refund.


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I received an email from them back on August 26 saying they will mail me a refund check within 10 days. It has been over a month and still nothing!

I too received an e-mail on

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I too received an e-mail on August 26 telling me a refund check would be mailed - and I still haven't received it.

I called an left a voice mail for Candy Beauchamp the LJ accountant and asked her to call me back. We'll see if I get a response...

Still waiting for my refund

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I received a confirmation from "gm@" on August 25 that my refund was in the mail.

Almost a month later, I'm still waiting for that cheque to arrive. The mails between the US and Canada run slow, but not *that* slow.

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No answer.... yet

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Before posting the previous note, I sent an email to gm@, asking what had happened to my refund. That was last Friday. FWIW, I'm still waiting for my refund in the mail.

Now, I realize that only three business days have passed since my followup email to gm@ and my post here, but I would have expected /something/, like a followup email from gm@ telling me that they were looking into the situation, or a post here remarking the same.

But, I've only got silence.

I've now left a voicemail with the subscriptions people, asking what has happened to my refund.

What's up, Linux Journal??

Lew Pitcher
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Can you hear the crickets??

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Another two weeks have passed, and still I've received neither refund nor reply from The Linux Journal.

I'm beginning to get the feeling that LJ has no intention of refunding my money. I hope that I'm wrong.

Lew Pitcher
Master Codewright & JOAT-in-training | Registered Linux User #112576
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All talk, but slow on action

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After sending /another/ email (on Oct 12) to both gm@ and subs@, I finally received a response from GM@ today, saying that "Accounting has issued a check and put it in the mail today".

By the end of the week, I should know if this is just another delaying tactic or not.

Lew Pitcher
Master Codewright & JOAT-in-training | Registered Linux User #112576
Me: http://pitcher.digitalfreehold.ca/ | Just Linux: http://justlinux.ca/
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And so it ends

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I received my refund today (2011-10-21). The cheque was issued on September 16, and mailed on October 17.

Lew Pitcher
Master Codewright & JOAT-in-training | Registered Linux User #112576
Me: http://pitcher.digitalfreehold.ca/ | Just Linux: http://justlinux.ca/
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Lew - I received my refund

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Lew - I received my refund check today.

I originally received an e-mail on Friday August 26th stating "A refund check will be mailed to you within the next 10 days."

The check I received today was dated September 16th. That's 14 business days after August 26th. I have no idea why it took a month to mail the check (the postmark is October 17th) after it was printed.

I'm still saddened by the loss of Linux Journal, I truly enjoyed reading it every month. That being said - after seeing how all of this happened and how it was handled afterwards I can't imagine LJ surviving in digital format either.

I can hear them

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Yes, I think that publicly, they wanted to show that they were giving refunds (public relations), but in reality, they never intended to.

Pretty low class of them.

I also received the email back in August, and followed up with emails and voice mail, but no refund.

i received my refund

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They put the balance of my subscription back on my credit card... $124! I subscribed for the long term. subs@linuxjournal.com is the email address, but the refund notification came from linuxjournal@pubservice .com. They must be the subscription service LJ uses and I imagine they don't have a choice but to credit your account.

If your serious about not reading on-line and hope for the small chance that LJ may revive their printed magazine, then cancel.

NO PRINT-I don't have time for anything else

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I am very busy sometimes with work. I thought I would reward myself with a subscription to Linux Journal, but all I get is grief.

I don't have a tablet and wouldn't ever use it to read with.

When I fly with work I used to read the mag-now I would have to pull out my laptop and all that crap to just read the magazine.

My suggestion-keep the ONLINE version only for the editors and all the rich ass folks that don't have to work-for us struggling to have extra time and like to sit on the potty and read=give us back the printed form-I too want my money back.

F*ing waste of time - probably programmed my Garmin too...

Sad times...

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I have just sent an email to cancel my sub. I loved the format of the mag so paid for an international sub since I preferred it to the standard LinuxFormat mag over here in the UK.

Anyway, tis sad, but I'll never read the online mag. I don't have a tablet and using a smart phone is less than Ideal. I like to read this everywhere my computer doesn't go, can't do that with digital...

I think notice should have been given 12 months or even 6 months in advance allowing those who were about to subscribe to have made a better, informed choice... if the reason is cash flow, then they should/would have known this was coming, failing that, sack the accountant but don't punish the subscribers...

So long LJ! Thank you for my two mags :(


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I have to admit I paid for paper so thats what i expect or my money back.

It is your choice, but think about it...

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You guys should think about the consequences of what you are asking here.
I am NOT, in any way, connected to the magazine and its editorial staff. In fact, in the past I have sent a few nasty emails and letters to the editor complaining about what I thought to be articles written by VERY unprepared people. Even now, I am not at all happy with the idea of losing the paper/hard copy version of the magazine. Like many of you, I enjoy reading my magazine in that "special place" ;-) and I am not planing to bring my tablet or even smart phone in there.

But again, you should think about what you are doing by asking your money back. I can see why you are upset, but if we push this issue too hard, we may lose the only Linux magazine in circulation.

I don't know. Perhaps I am just being "sentimental" about it. But we may indeed have to stick together to keep it running.

but if we push this issue too

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but if we push this issue too hard, we may lose the only Linux magazine in circulation.

The way this appears to me, we already have lost it. :(

no, no

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I too paid for a physical paper magazine.
They should have issued blanket refunds to every paid subscriber, and THEN offered the electronic version.
This is quite shady and leads me to believe that they're in very dire financial circumstances and will likely fold soon.
Hopefully after my refund has been issued, not before.
And no, they aren't the only source of Linux info.
And no, not every subscriber has the gadgets they propose we read this on. I sit in front of a few monitors all day. I do not own a tablet, I do not own a "smartphone". These are lifestyle choices I've made and have no intention of changing.
I pre-purchased a paper magazine. They won't be delivering it, so they owe me money, end of story.

What is there to think about?

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No magazine = no pay. It really is that simple.

Last month I sent LJ a check for $50, the agreement was that they are to send me a magazine every month for the next two years. The form they sent me was pretty explicit about that: "...receiving a copy of Linux Journal in your mailbox each month...". That is what I paid for.

If LJ needs to cover printing costs, groovy, I'm totally happy to pay. I think LJ is a steal at its current cost.

Presently I subscribe to, and read five different magazines (six if you include my soon to be canceled LJ sub), in no way am I killing print! LJ is killing themselves. They pride themselves on being the first mag in town, but fast forward a couple years and if they are still around it will be the same crap useless 'reviews' as on c-net.

Is LJ going to mail me a kindle or a nook or a whatever (I don't want an iPad because I don't want to read on that thing) so that I can continue to read my magazine on the train on the way to work? I'd consider keeping my subscription in that case (but only if there is a way to jot down marginalia while I read).

got my refund

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Mine was the previous comment that I had emailed both subs@ and gm@. I just received notification (a pretty curt one at that) that the remaining balance of my subscription had been refunded.

Refund !? I think is is not an option viable!

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Difficult to think that you can get a refund especially if you have subscribed international ... as it has developed the situation would be the step prior to Chapter 11 :-( Also because they say it stops the hard copies, then it means that newsstand or library are no longer selling enough copies, and that cash flow is thin ... sure is embarrassing especially against those who have activated or renewed recently :-( I read in another thread just now that a new subscriber has not had time to receive their printed copy, that surprise has received the email (madness)! I think that all the staff will review its decision to avoid the worst.

The survey, which I launched on linkedin for the moment only got negative votes ... http://t.co/ZUv5PRe


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Waiting for reply aswell

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I too sent my refund request in to subs@ and am yet to hear back from anyone over there. They better not try to bill me for the first pdf issue.

Who's running the show over there anyways??

Good Luck

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I am now on my third email requesting information about cancelling. I have received zero in the way of replies (maybe the replies are now done on paper? With no prior warning? Just like the mag went digital?)

Not a happy camper. Remember what they say about karma, folks....

Already did

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I sent my email yesterday requesting my refund. I sent it to both subs@ as well as gm@, but I've yet to receive a response.

It's simple...

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Subscription contract: I gives you money, you gives me magazine... or money back.


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This is a fraud!

Voice Your Opinion

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Make sure to address your refunds to subs@linuxjournal.com

I've already sent my request for a refund.

I sent my cancellation

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I sent my cancellation request to subs and had a email back the next day. The email acknowledged my cancellation and let me know the refund amount.

For those not getting timely responses, did you put your full name, address, and subscription number in the email? If not they will have to try and look that all up.

It was nice they got back to me so soon. But, still sad as I would still like the paper edition.

It feels like the end of an era.


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But did you get your check? I received the email, but it has been over a month and still no refund check...

Thank you! I'm going to

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Thank you! I'm going to request for a refund now.

Very disappointing and expecting a refund

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I paid for paper version and not digital. I live in Canada and I am paying more for postage. I do not intend to read digital version at all, and I expect a full refund for the paper copies I do not receive. Very disappointing indeed.