Binding a command to a keystroke - terminal sessions


OK, so I have moderate Linux experience on servers, but am finally using Gnome on a desktop daily and have one problem I would love to have solved.

I used to use Van Dyke's SecureCRT on my Windows laptop, and really just trying to replicate its behavior. I have a gnome-terminal icon setup to run an SSH script that prompts me for a host name, then logs me in. Not too tough. T opens another SSH session. Again, not too difficult.
What I can't figure out is, I want to bind a keystroke to a command, i.e. in any SSH gnome-terminal window I want to be able to hit J and have it output:
ps -ef | grep [j]ava | gawk -F ' ' ' { print $2,"\t",$NF} ' | sort -k 2
I've got hundreds of hosts that don't all have access to the same location to run the same set of commands, and I don't have the ability to customize root's/other users' rc files to setup aliases.

I was hoping I could use the Gnome's keyboard shortcuts to dump the output of a file on my local system to the gnome-terminal window, but that doesn't seem to work. Am I perhaps overlooking something SSH could do for me? Or is there some other hack somebody else has figured out?

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