Enterprise Solutions Supplement


LJ Interviews Corel's Michael Cowpland by Marjorie Richardson
A talk with the President of Corel, a man and a company fully comitted to Linux.
LJ Interviews Netscape's Jim Barksdale by Marjorie Richardson
Netscape's CEO talks about Open Source and Linux and why his company supports both.
LJ Interviews IBM WebSphere's Paraic Sweeney by Marjorie Richardson
IBM now supports Open Source by shipping products with the Apache web server.

News & Articles

Linux as POS for Pizza Business by Steve O'Connor
Here's a new use for Linux—selling pizzas—and about time, too.
Linux-Kontor Accountancy Package by Joachim Schaaf
Mr. Schaaf describes the concept and current development stage of this free program for the commodity market.

Product Review

xxl: A Spreadsheet for Linux by Larry Ayers
The intent of xxl is to produce a graphical spreadsheet which is both uncomplicated and easy to learn and use.


From the Editor
Linux and Enterprise: A Winning Combination by Marjorie Richardson