Consultants Directory

This is a collection of all the consultant listings printed in LJ 1996. For listings which changed during that period, we used the version most recently printed. The contact information is left as it was printed, and may be out of date.

ACAY Network Computing Pty Ltd
Australian-based consulting firm specializing in: Turnkey Internet solutions, firewall configuration and administration, Internet connectivity, installation and support for CISCO routers and Linux.

Suite 4/77 Albert Avenue, Chatswood, NSW, 2067, Australia
+61-2-411-7340, FAX: +61-2-411-7325

Aegis Information Systems, Inc.
Specializing in: System Integration, Installation, Administration, Programming, and Networking on multiple Operating System platforms.

PO Box 730, Hicksville, New York 11802-0730
800-AEGIS-00, FAX: 800-AIS-1216

American Group Workflow Automation
Certified Microsoft Professional, LanServer, Netware and UnixWare Engineer on staff. Caldera Business Partner, firewalls, pre-configured systems, world-wide travel and/or consulting. MS-Windows with Linux.

West Coast: PO Box 77551, Seattle, WA 98177-0551
East Coast: 3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1068, Wilmington, DE 19808-6192

Bitbybit Information Systems
Development, consulting, installation, scheduling systems, database interoperability.

Radex Complex, Kluyverweg 2A, 2629 HT Delft, The Netherlands
+31-(0)-15-2682569, FAX: +31-(0)-15-2682530

Celestial Systems Design
General Unix consulting, Internet connectivity, Linux, and Caldera Network Desktop sales, installation and support.

60 Pine Ave W #407, Montréal, Quebec, Canada H2W 1R2
514-282-1218, FAX 514-282-1218

General Unix/Linux consulting, network connectivity, support, porting and web development.

Derqui 47, 5501 Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina

Cosmos Engineering
Linux consulting, installation and system administration. Internet connectivity and WWW programming. Netware and Windows NT integration.

213-930-2540, FAX: 213-930-1393

Ian T. Zimmerman
Linux consulting.

PO Box 13445, Berkeley, CA 94712

InfoMagic, Inc.
Technical Support; Installation & Setup; Network Configuration; Remote System Administration; Internet Connectivity.

PO Box 30370, Flagstaff, AZ 86003-0370
602-526-9852, FAX: 602-526-9573

Insync Design
Software engineering in C/C++, project management, scientific programming, virtual teamwork.

10131 S East Torch Lake Dr, Alden MI 49612
616-331-6688, FAX: 616-331-6608

Internet Systems and Services, Inc.
Linux/Unix large system integration & design, TCP/IP network management, global routing & Internet information services.

Washington, DC-NY area,

Kimbrell Consulting
Product/Project Manager specializing in Unix/Linux/SunOS/Solaris/AIX/HPUX installation, management, porting/software development including: graphics adaptor device drivers, web server configuration, web page development.

321 Regatta Ct, Austin, TX 78734

Linux Consulting / Lu & Lu
Linux installation, administration, programming, and networking with IBM RS/6000, HP-UX, SunOS, and Linux.

Houston, TX and Baltimore, MD
713-466-3696, FAX: 713-466-3654

Linux Consulting / Scott Barker
Linux installation, system administration, network administration, internet connectivity and technical support.

Calgary, AB, Canada
403-285-0696, 403-285-1399

LOD Communications, Inc
Linux, SunOS, Solaris technical support/troubleshooting. System installation, configuration. Internet consulting: installation, configuration for networking hardware/software. WWW server, virtual domain configuration. Unix Security consulting.

1095 Ocala Road, Tallahassee, FL 32304

Media Consultores
Linux Intranet and Internet solutions, including Web page design and database integration.

Rua Jose Regio 176-Mindelo, 4480 Cila do Conde, Portugal
351-52-671-591, FAX: 351-52-672-431

Perlin & Associates
General Unix consulting, Internet connectivity, Linux installation, support, porting.

1902 N 44th St, Seattle, WA 98103

R.J. Matter & Associates
Barcode printing solutions for Linux/UNIX. Royalty-free C source code and binaries for Epson and HP Series II compatible printers.

PO Box 9042, Highland, IN 46322-9042

RTX Services/William Wallace
Tcl/Tk GUI development, real-time, C/C++ software development.

101 Longmeadow Dr, Coppell, TX 75109

Spano Net Solutions
Network solutions including configuration, WWW, security, remote system administration, upkeep, planning and general Unix consulting. Reasonable rates, high quality customer service. Free estimates.

846 E Walnut #268, Grapevine, TX 76051

Systems Enhancements Consulting
Free technical support on most Operating Systems; Linux installation; system administration, network administration, remote system administration, internet connectivity, web server configuration and integration solutions.

PO Box 298, 3128 Walton Blvd, Rochester Hills, MI 48309
810-373-7518, FAX: 818-617-9818, ltd.
Linux consulting and software development.

Suite 807, 300 South 16th Street, Omaha NE 68102
402-344-4426, FAX: 402-341-7119

VirtuMall, Inc.
Full-service interactive and WWW Programming, Consulting, and Development firm. Develops high-end CGI Scripting, Graphic Design, and Interactive features for WWW sites of all needs.

930 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139
800-862-5596, 617-497-8006, FAX: 617-492-0486

William F. Rousseau
Unix/Linux and TCP/IP network consulting, C/C++ programming, web pages, and CGI scripts.

San Francisco Bay Area
510-455-8008, FAX: 510-455-8008

Zei Software
Experienced senior project managers. Linux/Unix/Critical business software development; C, C++, Motif, Sybase, Internet connectivity.

2713 Route 23, Newfoundland, NJ 07435
201-208-8800, FAX: 201-208-1888