Table 1. Embedded Linux SBCs

SBC       	Manufacturer    CPU Architecture        Form Factor 	Features 

ipEngine-1	Bright Star     PowerPC			Credit-card     16MB DRAM, 4MB Flash,
                        				size    	16,000 Gate FPGA, onboard power supply,
                                					Ethernet, two serial ports, USB,
                                					LCD/TV video

Linux Planet    Embedded Planet PowerPC 		PC/104  	One RPX Lite 823- or 823e-based computing 
									module (the 823 includes Ethernet, PCMCIA, 
									serial and one I/O expansion module with
                        						serial, audio and touchscreen interfaces, 
									and the 823e includes Ethernet USB, PCMCIA, 
									serial interfaces and one I/O expansion 
									module with serial, audio, video and touchscreen

MVME5100        Motorola        PowerPC 		VMEbus  	750/7400 Altivec, dual-PCI mezzanine card 
									sites, up to 1GB ECC SDRAM, dual Ethernet ports, 
									two serial ports, up to 16MB Flash

MCPN765 	Motorola        PowerPC 		CompactPCI      750/7400 Altivec, fully compliant with the 
									Hot Swap Specification, dual PCI mezzanine 
									card slots, dual 10/100 Ethernet ports, and 
									up to 1GB of ECC SDRAM

MBX860  	Motorola        PowerPC 		EBX     	Motorola MPC860 processor, 4-16MB of 
							(5.75"x8")	onboard DRAM, 2-8MB Flash, 10Base-T
                        				  		Ethernet, PCMCIA slot, a DIMM slot. Optional 
									features: PC/104-plus interface, EIDE, keyboard, 
									mouse and IR ports.

ZX4500  	Zynx    	PowerPC 		CompactPCI      24 10/100 Ethernet ports, two Gigabit Ethernet 
									ports, PMC/PPMC slot for additional I/O and an 
									expansion processor, fully hot-swap compliant

Little Board/	Ampro   	x86     		EBX     	PC/104-plus expandable PCI/ISA bus,
P5x									supports up to 256MB DRAM with bootable
		                               				Compact Flash socket and 10/100Base-T Ethernet, 
									USB, IrDA, KB, floppy, IDE, serial and parallel 
									I/O, also supports C&T 69000-series PCI LCD/CRT
                                					controller with PanelLink, LVDS and NTSC

SBC-GXM 	Arcom		x86     		EBX     	C&T 69000 HiQVideo graphics accelerator, Ethernet, 
									Flash disk up to 16MB, touchscreen, dual-USB and 
									Soundblaster interfaces, support for STN, TFT and
                                					EL flat-panel displays, PC/104 interface

LBCPlus 	WinSystems      x86     		PC/104  	133MHz 586DX with up to 72MB Flash disk, 
									CRT/LCD display video controller, Ethernet, 
									IDE and floppy disk controllers, serial, parallel 
									and keyboard

Graphics        ADS     	StrongARM       	4" x 6" 	Up to 32MB of DRAM for shared program and framebuffer 
Client Plus							 	use, up to 32MB Flash memory and 128KB EPROM as 
									a boot device, One PCMCIA, three serial ports including 
									IrDA, 10Base-T Ethernet, speaker, microphone, video 
									interface up to XGA (1024 x 1024) 8-bit color, LCD
									controller with selectable flat-panel options, and 
									standard I/O including KB, RTC and touchscreen

mediaEngine     Bright Star     StrongARM       	5.2"x5.3"       8-64MB SDRAM at 100MHz, 1-20MB Flash, 
									Type II Compact Flash socket, Type I/II/II PCMCIA 
									socket, 10Base-T Ethernet, three serial ports,
                                					V.90 modem, LCD panel controller, USB slave interface

Assabet 	Intel   	StrongARM      		2.5"x5"		64-256MB of TSOP SDRAM, 64-128MB onboard 
									socketed Flash, integrated LCD support, Bluetooth, GSM 
									digital radio, audio in and out, built-in TV encoder 
									supporting S-video, NTSC, PAL and RGB formats, IrDA port,
									soft-modem support

Cerfboard       Intrynsic       StrongARM       	2.2"x2.7"    	16MB Flash, 32MB 100MHz SDRAM audio, CompactFlash slot,
									integrated LCD controller, flexible digital I/O and
									multiple serial ports, JTAG support, integrated Ethernet, 
									Break Out Board for development and LCD

Solution        Hitachi 	SH-4			7.125"x10"x1"	360MIPS at 200MHz, low power consumption