Table 1. Modules Supported by the Apache Toolbox

mod_accessref controls access to pages based on referrer HTTP header content.

mod_allowdev allows requests for files on particular devices.

mod_auth_cookie authenticates on-the-fly via cookies.

mod_auth_cookie_file authenticates via cookies using .htpasswd-like file.

mod_auth_external authenticates via an external program.

mod_auth_inst authenticates via instant passwords for dummy users.

mod_auth_ldap authenticates using data stored in the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP).

mod_auth_nds is the Novell NDS authentication for the Apache web server.

mod_auth_POP3 is the POP authentication module for Apache.

mod_auth_radius is the RADIUS client for authentication and accounting requests.

mod_auth_sys uses system access files (passwd and group) for www authentication.

mod_bandwidth sets server-wide or per-connection bandwidth limits, based on the directory, size of files and remote IP/domain.

mod_cgisock runs CGI/1.1 over socket handling.

mod_cvs runs CVS on-the-fly checkout mechanism.

mod_disallow_id disallows requests for files owned by particular User-IDs.

mod_dtcl server-parseds Tcl allowing the integration of HTML and Tcl on pages.

mod_dynvhost enables hostname-based virtual sites.

mod_eaccess secures reverse proxy server, filtering access to CGI and their parameters.

mod_fastcgi provides an alternative to CGI that keeps application processes running between requests.

mod_frontpage allows use of the advanced features of the FrontPage client with your Apache HTTP Server.

mod_gzip compresses static and dynamic pages allowing them to be transmitted more quickly.

mod_ip_forwarding forwards IP client address/name between proxies.

mod_jserv is a 100% pure Java servlet engine fully compliant with the JavaSoft Java Servlet APIs 2.0 specification.

mod_layout automatically adds a header and footer to pages to create a custom look and feel on all pages.

mod_macro provides macros for the configuration files.

mod_monitor allows trivial resource monitoring.

mod_peephole peepholes filesystem information about documents.

mod_perl is a persistent low Perl overhead interpreter.

mod_python is an embedded Python interpreter.

mod_put is a handler for HTTP/1.1 PUT and DELETE methods.

mod_qs2ssi parses query strings to CGI/SSI variables.

mod_random provides random URL locating.

mod_relocate replaces generic clickthrough.

mod_roaming adds Netscape roaming access support.

mod_session provides session management and tracking via identifiers.

mod_ticket allows session ticket handling.

mod_throttle automatically delays or refuses certain requests.

mod_urlcount is an automatic URL access counter via TXT and DBM file.

MySQL is an open-source, freely available SQL database server.

OpenLDAP open-source suite of LDAP applications and development tools.

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language with excellent support for databases.

SSL (secure sockets layer) allows secure communication with the server.

WebDAV collaboratively edits and manages files on remote web servers.

ZendOptimizer is a PHP optimizer that can increase speed from 40 to 100%.