Table 1. Directives for xinetd


socket_type          type of network socket, stream
               or dgram

protocol          IP protocol, usually TCP or UDP

wait              yes or no, equivalent to inetd
               wait or nowait

user              user ID used to run process

server               full path to executable

server_args          arguments given to server,
               values as well

instances            maximum number of instances to

start max_load          load average to stoip using
               service on (optional)

log_on_success          options to log on successful

log_on_failure          information to log when
               connection fails

only_from            networks or hosts to accept
               connections from

no_access            hosts or networks to deny access to

disabled          used in defaults {} to disable

log_type          type of log and path,
               FILE or SYSLOG

nice              niceness level with which to
               spawn service

id             service name used in the logs