Table 1. GROFF Units


   i       inch         abs     1     inch
   c       centimeter   abs     1     centimeter
   p       point        abs    1/72   inch
   P       pica         abs    1/6    inch (12 points)
   m       em           rel           current font size in points
   n       en           rel    1/2    em
   M       emette       rel    1/100th of an em
   v       leading      rel    current vertical spacing in points
   u       basic unit   dev    device resolution [1/72000 inch]
   z       sizescale    dev    basic units per point [1000]


*  Scale units are classified according to whether the
unit represents an absolute unit of measure, is relative
to the current pointsize/leading or is device dependent
(values in brackets are applicable for PostScript devices).

** A groff extension (as is the <\#147>z<\#148> unit); the name
given here is contrived by the author.