High Availability Cluster Checklist

Not all clustering choices are created equal. Learn to separate the winners from the losers by how well they perform during planned maintenance, system crashes, communication failures and system hangs. by Tim Burke

PVFS: A Parallel Virtual File System for Linux Clusters

Become familiar with the terminology and components of PVFS and take a walk through its installation and configuration. by Ibrahim Haddad

A Linux-Based Automatic Backup System

Protect that irreplaceable data with automized backups. Learn to set up a network-based automatic backup system that's easy to implement, inexpensive, powerful and reliable. by Michael O'Brien

Linux System Administration: A User's Guide

Remember, hard work eventually pays off, but being lazy pays off now. Find out what's out there for the lazy (read efficient) system administrator and learn how to turn your system into your hardworking slave using Expect scripts. by Marcel Gagné

Monitoring Your UPS with apcupsd

Backup battery power in the form of a UPS that both gives notification of power events and allows the computer to query for status information can protect against all types of power events. Get the skinny on implementing this form of protection. by Riccardo Facchetti

Port Scans and Ping Sweeps Explained

Understanding network probes is the key to detecting them. Discover some of the best tools for detecting port scans and ping sweeps and how to implement them. by Lawrence Teo