Building the Ultimate Linux Workstation

Learn what several Linux luminaries have to say about putting together a top-of-the-line Linux box. Don Marti breaks down the vitals of each component, providing recommendations and commentary. Read Don's article to learn what it takes to have an ultimate Linux workstation. by Don Marti, see page 80

The Return of the Revenge of the Killer $800 Linux Box

Jason Schumaker doesn't have much money, so he's found a way to build a responsive, yet inexpensive Linux box. His article provides helpful and informative information for anyone not able to afford Don Marti's system. by Jason Schumaker, see page 88

AMD's Duron Processor

Linux enthusiasts are familiar with AMD processors. Don Marti tags the AMD Duron as the future processor of choice for Linux desktops. He recently evaluated a Duron box from ASL—read his article to see how it compares to the Athlon. Don Marti, see page 92