The Next Bang: The Explosive Combination of Embedded Linux, XML and Instant Messaging

Linux will have instant messaging (IM). Jeremie Miller and the people from Jabber will see to it. In our first featured article, Doc Searls reveals the importance of XML and how it is being used by Jabber to bring IM to the Open Source community and beyond. He takes an in-depth look at Embedded Linux and some of the companies vying for a share of this lucrative market. by Doc Searls

The Axis 2100 Network Camera

In our next feature, Jason Schumaker reviews this Linux-run network camera from Axis Communications, providing complete install procedures, system requirements, price and more. by Jason Schumaker

Interview with Google's Sergey Brin

Google is the way to search. More and more Internet users are learning that this search engine, with its patent-pending technology, is simply quicker and better. Jason Schumaker interviews one of the founders. by Jason Schumaker

VoIP and Embedded Linux

Our fourth feature explains how to place long distance phone calls over the Internet with a Linux-powered phone. The Aplio/Pro is a stand-alone appliance providing the Linux faithful with access to voice over ID, or VoIP—a relatively new piece of the telecommunications market. Find out more by reading this LJ staff-written article

Interview with Dr. Inder Singh

Dr. Singh is the CEO of LynuxWorks, a company that has quickly become a major player in the Embedded Linux arena. In this interview with Don Marti and Jason Schumaker, he talks about the importance of Linux becoming an open standard platform, the fragmentation of the embedded industry, his role on the board of the Embedded Linux Consortium and why he changed his company name. by Don Marti and Jason Schumaker