Corrections and Apologies

In a column by Doc Searls in the March issue and in one by Marcel Gagné in the May issue, I inserted a statement that Caldera had written RPM for Red Hat. This was a mistake on my part. I misunderstood a statement made by a Caldera employee, and added the remark in an effort to be fair; however, it was a misjudgment on my part to do so. Marc Ewing deserves all the credit he gets for the development of RPM. I apologize to Marc, Doc and Marcel as well as all of our readers.

In the May programming issue, we printed a review of the JavaScript Application Cookbook. We credited this book review to Ben Crowder when it was actually written by Ralph Krause. Both Ben and Ralph write reviews for us frequently, and this confusion was entirely on our part and not theirs. We apologize to Ralph in particular and thank both for their good work for us.

Alex Heizer's (“Raritan CompuSwitch”, May 2000) correct e-mail address is

—Marjorie Richardson, Editor in Chief