Parametric Modelling: Killer Apps for Linux Clusters

Parallel computing technology takes a step forward with applications for doing parametric experiments: computing a function value with different input parameter values. The article is also a description of EnFuzion from TurboLinux and how it can be used to distribute the execution of programs over multiple machines—a complete look, including a case study, at this fascinating project.
by David Abramson

Embedding Python in Multi-Threaded C/C++ Applications

Python provides a clean, intuitive C API. Developers can use it to provide Python capability or advanced customization for users by embedding it in their C/C++ applications. Mr. Pulleyn describes how to extend Python, enable thread support, execute Python code and clean up when you are finished.
by Ivan Pulleyn

The Code Analyzer LCLint

New software will always need debugging, and the tool LCLint will help you do the job. Based on the powerful tool lint, LCLint offers a deeper (three levels) and improved code analysis. This article details the available annotations, options and naming conventions.
by David Santo Orcero

X/Motif Programming

Mr. Haddad gives us an introduction to the basic concepts needed to build a graphical user interface in X and Motif. He includes discussions of both client and server applications, Xlib (the interface between client and network), the Xt and Motif toolkits, widgets and function calling conventions. The classic “Hello World” program is presented to get you started.
by Ibrahim F. Haddad