Eid Eid, OE/ONE Corporation

Ms. Richardson interviews Mr. Eid once again. Last time, he was president of Corel Computer Corporation. This time, he's the head of his own start-up, creating software for running Internet appliances.
by Marjorie Richardson

Assessing the Security of Your Web Applications

Security is the number-one priority for any Internet site. Mr. Gaur looks at several key areas, e.g., cookie poisoning and form manipulation, where security problems may exist and describes how to plug these holes. He also tells you how to know if your site is at risk from hackers and crackers.
by Nalneesh Gaur

The Linux Home Network

This article tells you everything you need to know about setting up a network to connect to the Internet and even your company's intranet from home. Included are discussions of setting up the hardware, subnets and routing, Ethernet cards, IP Masquerade and firewalling.
by Preston F. Crow

Setting Up a Linux Gateway

Sharing your Internet connection with others through a gateway is not as hard as you might think. Mr. Teo explains in detail how to do this and gives us example scripts for setting up the server and the clients. He also tells us why Linux is the best operating system to use for this purpose, but then, we knew that already.
by Lawrence Teo

Linux and the Next Generation Internet

Taking a positive spin on the QoS issue, the authors have implemented a demonstration environment for differentiated Internet services. They present all the instructions necessary to configure both the kernel and the traffic-control features, as well as setting the rules for queuing packets. They also tell us about other projects devoted to this same type of service.
by Michael Stricklen, Bob Cummings and Stan McClellan