Instructor-Led Linux Training

This article presents all the reasons companies should invest in training for their employees and how that training should be designed. The usual classroom approach is described as allowing students to be rapidly exposed to methods, tools and techniques that they otherwise might not discover for months.
by Marty Ferguson

Jim Higgins, Caldera Training

Ms. Richardson talks to Jim Higgins, the head of Caldera Training, and discovers why Caldera decided to offer Linux training, how the classes are designed (if they are distribution-specific), how many and what courses are offered and much more.
by Marjorie Richardson

A Web-Based Linux Training Course

Future Technologies offers their training on the Web. The president of the company describes his FTLinux Course for Linux. He tells us why he felt presenting the course to students in HTML on the Web is a better solution than traditional classroom methods. Also described are his projects for LinuxUtilities and teaching students to build their own distribution.
by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando

Technology Training: Trends for the 21st Century

This article takes a look at how training courses may be conducted in the future and how they might improve the learning process. From simple web-based courses to voice activation multimedia simulations, many choices will be available. Mr. Holt also tells us the sorts of things to look for in a good training course, such as top-level teachers and self-pacing.
by Brian Holt