KDE—The Next Generation

Mr. Dalheimer returns to tell us all about the latest version of KDE, to be released soon. Customization of the desktop has gotten even easier and Java support has been added. Find out what else is new and improved in all those
by Kalle Dalleheimer

GNOME, Its State and Future

The GNOME team is busy on the other Linux desktop, and this is a report on where the project currently stands as well as what we can expect to happen soon. A look at the GNOME workshop tools, aids for the developer, new applications such as Gill and Eye of GNOME, and old applications such as GIMP, Gnumeric and AbiWord.
by George Lebl, Elliot Lee and Miguel de Icaza

Artists' Guide to the Linux Desktop, Part 1

Mr. Hammel, having brought us the Artists' Guide to the GIMP, now provides us with a look at current desktop environments and window managers. He tells us which options are important when picking a desktop and the differences between GNOME and KDE. In the following articles, he will be taking a close look at the window managers Enlightenment, Window Maker and AfterStep. Stay tuned.
by Michael J. Hammel

Applixware and StarOffice Comparison

Which of these office suites is right for you? Mr. Kroll takes a good look at both and lets us know the good, the bad and the ugly about each. By the time you finish reading, you'll know just which one you need.
by Jason Kroll


Every office needs a spreadsheet, and XESS is one of the choices for Linux. This review gives us the information we need about this popular product.
by Jason Kroll