World Domination

A Guest Editorial from Eric Raymond discusses what the phrase “world domination” means to the Linux community and what the world might look like when Linux dominates. An insightful look at what we can expect to happen as Linux growth expands worldwide.
by Eric Raymond

The OpenPhone Project—Internet Telephony for Everyone!

The OpenPhone Project wants to phone-enable every computer on earth by fostering the development of the necessary software. Voice-over IP has changed a great deal in the last few years, and this article is an introduction to the technology and standards, including hardware, voice compression and the real-time protocol. Also discussed are the session-initiation protocol, the media-gateway-control protocol and the OpenPhone application itself.
by Greg Herlein

Advanced Packed Data Testing with Linux

The authors provide a look at packet radio service, the Linux IP internals and device-driver development, in order to provide a testing system for high-quality integrated voice and data solutions. This is a real-world example used at Nortel Networks. Included is a discussion of the kernel modifications they made: why the mods were necessary, why they chose the implementation method, and how they implemented the changes.
by Wesley Erhart, Joseph Bell, Marc Hammons and Mark Mains

BIND Version 8 Features

BIND 8 is out now and contains many new features, as well as bug fixes to make it more secure. Mr. Harari tells us all about these new options and how they will benefit us. Configuration, file locations and security are all covered with examples to show us just how it is used. Upgrading to version 8 is necessary for everyone because of security problems in earlier releases, so this article is a must-read for those interested in a secure network.
by Eddie Harari