lint Commands

FALLTHROUGH (FALLTHRU): the nonexistence of a break at the end of a case clause of a switch is not a mistake. The same functionality can be obtained in LCLint using fallthrough.

NOTREACHED: the existence of code that is not reachable is not a mistake. notreached has the same function in LCLint.

PRINTFLIKE: the arguments of the function are similar to those of the printf function. A similar functionality is obtained in LCLint using printflike for a strict correspondence with printf semantics, and scanflike for a strict correspondence with scanf semantics.

ARGSUSED: this annotation turns off unused parameter warnings for all parameters of a function. LCLint is more accurate, and you can specify that all, only one or some of the parameters will not be used. To disable all warnings completely, we can use paramuse before the warning. To disable the warning for only some of the parameters, we can use the unused annotation instead. This annotation is used before the definition of the parameter.