Listing 1. Example Letter



\address{Really Cool Co.\\ 10 Greed Ave.\\
City of \$\$\$\\ LX 00900\\ Doz Country\\
telephone: +(56) 111 222 333\\
fax: +(56) 111 222 334}

\date{1 January 2000}

\signature{Patrick F. Patrick\\
Senior Director of Public Relations}


\begin{letter}{Mr. James P. Text\\
101 ASCII Way\\ Plaintextville\\
LT 10234\\ Textland}

\opening{Dear Sir,}

I am writing to inform you that the \$1,000,000 operating system
you bought from us last month is full of bugs and we do not know how to
fix it, but we do know that you really ought to use \emph{BoozDoz}
instead. We have a couple of CD-ROMs that we found at a car boot sale,
and we can sell them to you for \$1.99 plus \$5.00 for postage,
packaging and a can of pop.

Of course, sorry as we are, I must also inform you that clause no.~13 in
the Buyers' Agreement you signed at the time of purchase denies you
right to return the system and/or claim your money back. Sorry about that.

\closing{Best Regards,}

\cc{James\\ Liv}

\encl{one used handkerchief\\ two chocolates}

\ps{P.S. You can sue us but is it worth the trouble?}