This was the first meeting of the Washington Area Unix User Goup discussing Linux exclusively. Approx 80 people came out for the meeting. All but three said that they had good Internet access and relied on it for technical Linux info.

Dr. Thomas Sterling wasone of the speakers. He is a senior computer architect with the Goddard Space Research Facility of NASA. Dr. Sterling not only was very impressed with Linux but was using it in several new research projects, including a parallel processing computer they were in the process of building.

One of the major benefits to the federal agnencies using Linux , and federally supported research labs, is that to acquire Linux you do not have to go through the standard procurement process; which can save up to six months on many projects!

Dr. Sterling expressed an interest in a Linux conference in the Washington DC area.

The manager of the FEDUNIX show, held each year in late November, expressed an interest in a Linux Conference in conjunction with FEDUNIX. Many Details need to be finalized, but reserve time in November.