Linux Journal Survey Results

Interest was rated in the following features:

(1=not interested, 2=possible interest, 3=interested, 4=very interested, 5=that's my subject! The results are averaged. A value of 2.5 would indicate the average response was half way between “not interested” and “that's my subject!”)

Apr 93 Dec 93 Question
2.4 2.6 a. Club and organization contacts
2.7 2.8 b. Non-commercial classified ads
4.1 4.0 c. Latest Linux release information
2.9 3.1 d. Letters to the editor
2.9 3.0 e. Software wanted column
3.9 3.9 f. Linux Questions and Answers
4.0 4.2 g. New Linux-related products
2.7 2.8 h. New to the club - a focus on schools, etc., that are getting into Linux
2.9 3.0 i. Linux Profile - a look at a Linux developer or user
3.8 4.0 j. Tutorial on a particular aspect of Linux (or Unix)
4.0 4.4 k. Current trends - what's happening with Linux (becoming commercial, support by vendors, etc)
2.8 2.7 l. Introduction to Linux - basic background information on Linux for first-time or prospective users