1998 Open Systems Products Directory

This year Uniforum has teamed up with SSC, long-time publisher of UNIX reference materials and the monthly magazine, Linux Journal, to bring you the 1998 Open Systems Product Directory CD-ROM.

The Directory will feature more than 9,000 product and service listings from more than 2,000 vendors worldwide. Contents will be searchable by comprehensive indices including: product name, vendor name, key word and operating system. Web-enabled, the CD will allow direct access to a company from its listing.

If your company would like to be listed in this year's Directory, please visit http://www.ssc.com/uniforum/. Listings may be added/updated until May 29, 1998. (Vendors, please be aware that you will not automatically be listed in this guide. You must enter/update your listing in order to beincluded in this year's directory.