Collected Files

/proc/cpuinfo: Processor type and speed.
/proc/devices: The types of character and block devices.
/proc/dma: System DMA information.
/proc/filesystems: The types of filesystems in the kernel.
/proc/interrupts: Interrupt information.

/proc/ioports: The address range assigned to each I/O device in
the system.
/proc/meminfo: Shows various memory, swap and cache details.
/proc/mounts: Names and types of mounted file systems.
/proc/pci: Information on PCI bus cards.
/proc/version: Gives the Linux kernel version.

/usr/src/linux/.config: A copy of the configuration file from which the kernel was built. The local copy is called kernel.config.

/etc/lilo.conf: A copy of the LILO configuration file.
fdisk: Output of the fdisk command; specifies the number of disk blocks in each disk partition.