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vplay 1.2 (12 Oct 95)
Usage: vplay [OPTIONS] [file ...]

-V --version   output version information and exit
-S --stereo stereo output (default is mono)
-s --speed=SPEED  sets the samplerate (default
      is 8000 Hz)
-t --timelimit=SEC   sets the recording time
      in seconds
-b --samplesize=BITS sets the sample size
      (default is 8 bit)
-o --device=DEVICE   changes the audio device
      (default is /dev/dsp)
-v --voc record a CREATIVE LABS VOICE file
-w --wave   record a MICROSOFT WAVE file
-r --raw record raw data without header
-q --quiet  quiet mode
-d --verbose   show verbose informations
-h --help   display this help and exit