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pcsel 0.9c (12 Oct 95)
Usage: pcsel [OPTIONS]

-V --version   output version information and exit
-d --device=DEVICE   set the output-device
-p --port=PORT the lp port to use (0-2) for
      single DAC
-r --right-port=PORT the lp port for the right
-l --left-port=PORT  the lp port for the left
-b --realspeed=SPEED set the real sampling
      rate for PC-Speaker
-e --emulation=on|off   enables or disables the
      16bit stereo emulation
-s --speed=SPEED  set the sampling rate
-M --mono   set mono
-S --stereo set stereo if possible
-v --volume=VOLUME   set the volume for
-h --help   display this help and exit